Women’s Safety & Protection course

What's Included

Statistics show that women are far more likely to be the subject of a mugging or street robbery by a stranger than men. The reasons for this are twofold: firstly, women are less likely to fight back than men and secondly, most women carry their possessions in a more accessible manner e.g., mobile phone, iPad, purse etc. are carried in their handbag, not in internal coat/jacket pockets, trousers etc.

The real danger for women in street-crimes is not that they will lose their possessions but that the robbery itself may turn into a sexual assault. All criminals (barring terrorists) fear getting caught – this is often their only fear. If a mugger believes they can conduct a street robbery without getting caught, it usually means that they believe they are not being observed. This can lead to the setting for a sexual assault or rape as violent criminals will take advantage of any situation they possibly can.