Wear and Carry Permit

Handgun Permits

Train to Aim offers classes and licensing in Maryland for Security Guards with or without Handgun Permits, Personal Protection Handgun Permits, Business Owner Handgun Permits, and HQL courses.

Wear and Carry

There is no such thing as a Concealed Carry Permit in Maryland. There is only a Wear and Carry Permit. Eligibility for this permit is restricted to:

  • Security Guards and Private Detectives (Requires sponsorship from an approved agency, which we provide as part of our courses)
  • Business Owners (Requires documentation showing Articles of Incorporation, 3 months of bank statements, 6 deposits, and 10 recent receipts)
  • Personal Protection (Requires documentation showing active threat such as a filed Police Report or Court Order)
  • Retired Police Officers (Known as ‘Assumed Risk’)
  • Retired Correctional Officers (Assumed Risk)

If you are licensed through us and have not let your permits expire yet, you are eligible for renewal. Once your permits expire, you must apply for an original permit.

Maryland State laws require 16 hours of training from our certified instructors for all students seeking original Wear and Carry permits. For new/original permits, the first day will be all classroom and the second day will be at the range. Classroom days are always on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Range days are on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Renewals require only the 8 hours of range training, meaning you will only need to show up for a Wednesday or Saturday appointment. The cost for the handgun permit course starts at $300 and that includes 2 days of class, range time, rental weapon and ammunition, package assistance, and photos. MSP Fees and fingerprinting are NOT included. For more information on eligibility and what to bring with you before class, visit our FAQ page

Handgun Qualification License (HQL)

If you already have your Wear & Carry permit through us you can apply for the HQL here: https://emdsp.mdsp.org/egov/Login.aspx
If you need assistance please call the MSP Handgun Qualification Dept. at 410-653-4577

If you are just seeking to own and/or purchase a firearm in Maryland, the permit you need is the HQL (Handgun Qualification License). There are less restrictions on eligibility, but you cannot wear or carry the firearm outside your home. The HQL is included at no extra charge with any Wear and Carry permit class. Only one day of training is required and is available six days a week. The cost of the HQL certification course is $150 including class time, range time, rental weapon and ammunition, and package assistance. For more information on eligibility and what to bring with you before class, visit our FAQ page

Security Guard Certification

To work as a Security Guard in Maryland, a certificate known as the Security Clearance Card (commonly referred to as a Guard Card) is required. Guard Clearance Certification is offered simultaneously with our Wear and Carry permit classes but can be completed on its own if desired. If you have been a licensed Maryland Security Guard in the past, your Guard Clearance Card must be renewed. Our Security Guard Certification course which includes Handcuff, OC, and Baton certifications costs $200 and can be combined with a wear and carry permit starting at $470.