Private Detective Division

Cassamajor Protective & Investigation Detectives are experienced in all facets of the investigative world. Our Detectives use the most advanced technology available.

Covert/Overt Operations
Background checks
Special database checks
Device cloning
Infidelity Investigations
Child Support Investigators
Criminal Cold Case Investigations
Commercial Internal Investigations
Interviewing /field operations
Layered Voice analysis
Repo Investigations
Financial Investigations
Government Investigations
GPS Tracking
Skip Trace
Surveillance TRT

Missing person
Workers Compensation
Asset Searches
Investigate Cheating Spouse
Child Custody
Background Investigation
Insurance Fraud

Personal Background Information
Criminal Background Information
Employment Background Information
Civil background Information
Financial background Information
Social Security Trace

Cassamajor Private Detectives go through a rigorous training academy. When It comes to investigations the sky’s the limit. Contract us so we can get you the information you deserve and need.